Šimon Kučera

Editor's note

Šimon Kučera (1996) is a Slovak visual artist working mainly in the medium of painting, but also graphics and sculpture. He is graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Slovakia) in the 4th Studio of Professor Ivan Csudai in the department of painting. During school, Kučera went through various visual representations of his themes, but in the end he stabilized his theme and emphasized it in the language of geometric abstraction. He is looking for his topics in the digital environment, which he says is an integral part of our existence. It focuses mainly on composition, colour, shape and optical illusion, which form the cornerstone of its creation. It is constantly transforming these imaging resources into new display options. Šimon Kučera is an active artist who has already managed to attend many exhibitions at home and abroad, and his artworks are in many private collections around the world.