Nourine Hammad

Editor's note

Nourine Hammad is specialized in Hyperrealism. Her drawings are so true to life that they are often interpreted as 3 dimensional and it can be hard to believe they’re not the real thing. Her choice of medium and technique depends on her subject and can range from pastels (which is rare in hyperrealism) to pencils, watercolors or charcoal.By approaching her subject matter honestly and without vanity, Hammad strives to create detailed work that celebrates both perfection and imperfection, coexisting comfortably alongside each other. In doing so, the artist tries to discover the truth within her subjects. Her works are excruciatingly simple yet simultaneously incredibly complex. Hammad’s work has been displayed at several national and international exhibitions. She currently lives and works in London.About her Arabic letter balloons series the artist says:>I’ve always had a vision of incorporating my background and culture into Hyperrealism. Since hyperrealism is international and doesn’t belong to a certain identity, I decided to give my drawings personality through this series. The Arabic Calligraphy, fonts and curves are a unique form of art and I had to learn the different shapes of each single letter to combine both kinds of art seamlessly.