Kristofir Dean

Editor's note

Kristofir Dean holds a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU).His geometric abstractions aim to capture the full spectrum of colour. Drawing inspiration from gemstones, glass, and other translucent substances, Dean captures their ethereal luminescence in bold, hard-edge style paintings. From afar, his vibrant works appear to be 3-D objects, challenging the viewer’s perspective of visual space. Close up, the paintings immerse the obeserver in a chromatic world of colour that energizes the senses. Each bold line and every juxtaposing mark is saturated with rich hues that capture both harmony and dissonance.In all aspects of life, colour has great significance… identification, meaning and mood are all encoded in colour.Dean’s paintings have been shown both nationally and internationally. His work has been reproduced as a mural and banners for Vancouver’s South Granville BIA, and as a large mural commissioned by the Art Gallery of Hamilton. His artworks have been featured in multiple publications such as Apartment Therapy, The Georgia Straight, Article Lookbook, and House & Home magazine.