Indiana Phillips

Editor's note

Indiana identifies herself as a true abstract expressionist. In her work, she is inspired by watching colours interact with each other, in unexpected ways, and how the texture of her pieces evolves with the light and shadow in the room. She enjoys how the movement of the brush strokes, and the composition of the pieces, often takes fearlessness on her part, so as to never feel contrived or planned when completed. Indiana uses any tools or objects within her arm's reach to obtain desired textures. She uses mainly oil paint, but also ink, house paint, pastels, or even spray paint. Her painting process is intense and tedious, no matter how many times she goes through the whole cycle, she has moments of uncertainty, pure joy, fear, and accomplishment before a piece is finished. Sometimes, Indiana takes great courage to change an almost complete artwork after looking at it for a long time. It could be a sense of imbalance or a missing colour. When the artwork is truly done, all her feelings are all exposed on the canvas. With this, the artist hopes that viewers feel the openness and sincerity of each piece she produces. The artist is currently working in her studio in California.