Dhawa Rezkyna

Editor's note

The work of Dhawa Rezkyna is first and foremost inspired by plants and flowers. The artist is fascinated by how they continuously adapt to an ever-changing ecosystem and continue to grow, much like people adapt to the cultural changes happening around them. Rezkyna takes the powerful, yet ambiguous, symbol of the flower, which can represent a celebration of euphoria, beauty, birth or death in cultures around the world, and contrasts it with the common objects of everyday life in order to represent an internal conflict between rationality, imagination, drama and irony. Rezkyna’s vibrant work has become his personal mind-garden, in which he continuously plants, fosters, and harvests – and sometimes fails to harvest – the products of his imagination. Dhawa Rezkyna’s work has been part of numerous national group and solo exhibitions. The artist currently lives and works in Surakarta, Indonesia.