Elena Mahoney

The Wolf Hunt, 2022

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Original artwork on canvas. This artwork won't be shipped prior to April 18th, 2023.

Oil on Canvas

89 × 116 cm

35 × 45.7 in


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180 cm


Paint is the main medium through which Elena Mahoney explores, discovers and polishes her potential as an artist and a person. With the use of oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache techniques the artist delves into her fascination with the human and animal figure - the primary motif of her work.

Characterized by exaggerated colours and magical settings, Mahoney's paintings embody her continuous search for beauty and ambition to create an independent yet universal body of work. The realistic representation of her subjects is combined with expressive gestures that explore the versatility of her medium. Drips, intuitive brushstrokes, subtle details, drawings, and glazes add a certain rawness and element of abstraction to the artist's work. 

Elena Mahoney currently lives and works in Spain.

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