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Spiral, 2015

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Edition of 100. This Artwork will be shipped rolled.


56 × 76 cm

22 × 29.9 in


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180 cm


Jordan Nickel, a.k.a. POSE, blends elements of Pop art, comic books, cartoons, and street art in his energetic, fragmented murals and paintings on canvas. The artist got his start in graffiti at age 12, enticed by the colourful lettering and graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in 2004. 

POSE embraces a crisp illustration style and vibrant, high-contrast colour palettes. He layers together colorful images of familiar objects and motifs—old-school television sets, tinned sardines, faceless men, and teary-eyed women, for example—to explore themes of love, loss, and triumph. 

The artist's work has been exhibited in Basel, Dubai, London, New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles, among other cities. He is a member of the street art collective Mad Society Kings and the West Coast art collective The Seventh Letter. Next to his works on canvas he also creates sculpture and merchandise.

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