Unaiza Shahid

Smiling-Eyes, 2022

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Original Work on Canvas. Artwork to be framed upon sale; expect a one-week delay in shipping for this artwork.

Soft Pastels on Canvas

61 × 61 cm

24 × 24 in


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180 cm


Unaiza Shahid graduated from Lahore College for Women University in Fine Arts, majoring in painting. Her work is characterized by two defining elements: colour and movement. The artist’s choice for vibrant hues was made relatively recent, as she originally worked rather gloomy colours which turned out to have a negative effect on her personal frame of mind. She thus decided to take a leap and explore artistic tools that would lift her mood by delving into new artistic elements. The dark backgrounds of her pieces represent her former battle with loneliness and depression, while her choice for an exuberant colour palette showcases an escape from this darkness. The element of movement finds its source in the artist’s fascination with dance.

''Dance is one of the things that I always cherished and that lifts my mood and heart from within.''

By combining the two she would like to convey the message that it is possible to create your own joyous environment. She does this by transforming plain white buildings into dancing colourful structures. Painting the objects and places with which she has a personal connection or fascination, she re-writes their - and thereby her own - story into a tale on positivity.

Shahid’s medium of choice is soft pastels, for its ability to create both lively colour and amazing texture when applied to canvas. Following no particular plan or pattern, her artistic process is entirely intuitive and fueled by emotion.

Unaiza Shahid's work has been part of multiple group exhibitions in renowned galleries. The artist currently lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.
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