Manfred Hellweger

mountain flow I

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The work "mountain flow #1" consists of over 11 different types of wood. The differing thicknesses of the slats and veneers are arranged in such a way that they taper off irregularly towards the bottom and create a dynamic flow. The mountain silhouettes were sawed out and sanded, but the surface of the piece was left completely natural. With this work, Hellweger wants to illustrate that not only man, but also nature is subject to constant change. Just as the water in a stream is always in motion, so are all things, living beings, and phenomena in the world subject to continuous change. Everything changes and evolves, nothing remains as it is.Two screws including dowels are included for easy installation of this wall hung object.

Sculpture made out of Wood (Maple Wood, Walnut, Linden, Larch Wood, Swiss Stone Pine, Oak Tree, Elm, Cherrywood, Applewood, Common Beech, Mahagony)

115.3 × 97 × 6 cm

45.4 × 38.2 × 2.4 in

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300 cm