Bryan Mew

I’m feeling Liquid, 2022

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"The anatomical figures and fragments in my paintings live in a liminal non-space, with no particular time or place. The natural land, the synthetic and the human all converge in this non-space – a phenomenon that represents an alternative future in which scientific progression ultimately blends all ecosystems together into a singularity. This is marked by ambiguous diffused backgrounds of colour and texture, juxtaposed with what appear to be organic forms. The synthesis of nature, the artificial and the human psyche is made evident through pictorial traces of a torrential sea and the genetic mutation of bodily figures." - Bryan Mew

Oil on Canvas, Framed in Silver floater Frame

100 × 100 cm

39.4 × 39.4 in


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300 cm


Bryan Mew explores what it means to be a painter in a technologically dominated world. His work investigates the slippage between the digital and the analogue in contemporary technological innovations such as machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence, whilst preserving traditional forms of making such as painting.

In a world driven by automation and digital visual culture, the artist explores the ways in which technological experimentation can create a symbiotic relationship between artistic and scientific practices – pushing both abstract and representational art in new directions.

Mew has been shortlisted as a finalist for multiple Australian art prizes including the 2021 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Awards, 2021 National Capital Art Prize and 2022 Lethbridge 20000 Art Prize. He has furthermore participated in shows at the Melbourne’s Brunswick Street Gallery, the Red Gallery, and The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles.

The artist currently lives and works in Tokyo.

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