Manfred Hellweger

human flow WALL #13-18, 2022

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This piece is part of the "human flow WALL" series - a limited edition of 6 pieces.All "Human Flow WALL #13-18" works consist of maple, cherry and walnut wood. In a precisely planned process the veneers are connected to each other in such a way that they taper out irregularly towards the bottom, creating a dynamic flow. The surface of the sculpture has been planed and left natural. The title "human flow" was derived from the aphorism of the Greek natural philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus: "Pantha rhei" - Everything flows. Just as the water in a stream is always in motion, all things, living beings, and phenomena in the world are subject to continuous change. Everything changes and evolves, nothing remains as it is.The frame is made of lime wood, painted with white acrylic varnish and has no background plate. All works are signed and numbered on the side of the frame.

Sculpture made out of Wood (Maple Wood, Cherrywood, Walnut), Limited Edition of 6

29 × 29 × 6 cm

11.4 × 11.4 × 2.4 in

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