Stella Tasca

Ho un occhio solo me vedo meglio di te II, 2021

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Acrylic on Paper

35 × 50 cm

13.8 × 19.7 in


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180 cm


As the daughter of passionate art collectors, parents who were friends with the great artists of the 70s and 80s, aesthetics and creativity have always been a central element to Stella Tasca’s life. She originally studied at the First Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she specialized in decoration. The artist furthermore received a degree in curation from Ludovico Pratesi and Costantino D’orazio.

Thus, being both trained as a curator and as an artist, she opened her first art gallery in the lively city center of Trastevere in 2003, a place that quickly became a hot-spot for the emerging Roman underground art scene of that time. Raised in a family of screen printers and theater tailors, her own artwork is often linked to fabrics and printing techniques, tapestries and silk-screened posters. In 2006, she opened her first concept store - Temporary Love - where art and fashion came together, resulting in unique artistic creations.

Being part of the underground art scene, Tasca’s artistic language largely stems from punk imagery. Her inspiration is a mix of psychedelia, graffiti, and pop, a combination that is meant to create an immediate, visceral experience and constitutes an engaging form of visual communication. The hallmark of her latest work is the use of fluorescent colours and the re-imagination of existing classical figures. By distorting and reinterpreting them, the artist ensures that these classics find their place today, and that they take on new meaning in the process.

Stella Tasca has collaborated with various Italian galleries, museums and major international brands. She currently lives and works in Rome, Italy.
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