Bob Voigts

a_s.s!g.n, 2022

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Paper, Card Board and Oil Stick

30.4 × 40.3 cm

12 × 15.9 in


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180 cm


Robert Voigts grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. From an early age he knew he wanted to pursue art. Mostly self-taught, he now works in acrylic and collage as well as digital media. In 1986, he launched Wordsworth Design, a graphic design business.

Voigts' personal study of art history and his journey of experimentation in collage and assemblage have shaped his work over time. The landscapes of Illinois and Missouri and the surrealist poets, especially Robert Desnos have also had a significant impacted on his practice. 

When beginning a piece, Voigts doesn’t have a fixed idea in mind, but instead, he follows an intuitive process. Using old recycled sketches, photography (both his own photos and found photography), found art, paper, packaging, and trash, he experiments with colour, shape, line and texture. The artist plays with ideas of chance, opposites, mundaneness, memory, wonder, contradiction, and juxtaposition, making use of poems, letters, numbers, punctuation, and more. After an extensive process of experimentation, he contemplates what emerged, considers if it is done and if it is, names it.

Bob Voigts is particularly fond of artists such as Joseph Cornell, Kurt Schwitters, Wayne Thiebaud, and Richard Diebenkorn. He currently lives and works in Illinois, USA.

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