Sebastian Schager

Austrian, 1984

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Sebastian Schager often thematises and reflects upon today's common practice to make unrestrained use of existing imagery due to the abundance of media. Having graduated from art history and graphic design in Vienna, such a topic has always been part of his artistic practice. The principle of chance is a central element for him, especially in using tools like “Wheel of Fortune” (a random picture picker), web search and also the king of appropriation - artificial intelligence text-to-image generators.

The title of the series "Thx for the Brush” presented here is intended as a humorous expression of the aforementioned concept. The robot-assisted drawings emphasise just another layer of tooling. This way, cooperation between man and machine is created that allows co-creativity, producing new positions and mechanized aesthetics.

The artist currently lives and works as a solo artist, curator and printmaker in Vienna, Austria.