Michèle Caspers


To Michèle Caspers, art means the creation of emotions; abstraction has the ability to free us from the representational idea of things and to raise our consciousness, even if just for a moment, to another level.

The artist originally studied fashion design and started her own label, but already during this time she was strongly involved with art. She even received the sponsorship award for young artists from her hometown of Velbert. In 2016, she finally decided to sell her fashion label and since then she has devoted herself exclusively to her passions for art and design.

In her artworks, Caspers expresses emotions through harmoniously flowing gradients. They are meant as an invitation to pause for a second, to really take in and enjoy the moment with all its endlessly small details, to lose ourselves in colour and to be reminded of how beautiful these slices of life can be. Her goal is to remind the viewer not to let time pass by unnoticed, to leave the future in the future and to live in the here and now.

The artist currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany,

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