Matteo Mauro




Matteo Mauro observes and explores the world with the eyes of an artist. He seeks fresh solutions, and embraces the old, in his infinite mediation between reality and dreams. His artistic process mixes analog and digital tools to generate artworks with a distinctly contemporary sensibility, which critics have deemed hyper-contemporary. The Matteo Mauro Studio creates a broad array of artworks, including sculptures, paintings, video art, installations and augmented reality pieces.

The artist was born in Sicily but has lived and traveled around many different countries. He spent over a decade in London, where he first established is art practice and still lives today. Mauro has worked and studied with several influential designers, such as Ron Arad and Isaie Bloch, and has taught Digital Communication at the London Universities LSBU and UCL.

The artist’s inscription paintings have been recognized around the world for their unprecedented technique. Mauro has been awarded numerous prizes for his work including the Master of Art 2018 and the European Excellence of Arts and International Van Gogh Prize, awarded by Roy Dalí, son of Salvador Dalí.

His pieces have been exhibited in various Museums and Galleries, such as Royal Academy of Arts, Marte Museum, Museo della Fabbrica, Le Salon des Indépendants at Grand Palais Paris, Dubai Ing-Creatives, Songyang Museum Contemporary Art, Fondazione Museo Crocetti, while some exhibitions are scheduled at Datong Art Museum and MACAM Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in the near future.

However, Matteo Mauro does not limit himself to painting, he is also the author of the worldwide distributed book, Micromegalic Inscriptions.