Malwina Chabocka


Malwina Chabocka graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. For a number of years, she has worked in illustration, animation, and writing, gradually identifying her area and language of expression before making painting her primary focus. She is the author of two children’s books and has developed graphic design for short films, as well as scenography for theater and operatic productions.

At the basis of the artist's ongoing artistic investigation lie the universal emotional and psychological aspects of being human. Human sexuality, as one of the core drives behind people's feelings, thoughts, and behavior is her main area of exploration. Fascinated by the darkest corners of the psyche, she is interested in the things people are unwilling to admit: their hidden desires, repressed feelings, and inner conflicts. Her work centers around the intersection of the rational mind with the primary instincts we so desperately try to curb.

Tolerance, diversity, and empathy are some of the core values the artist seeks to express. Encouraging people to embrace their ‘imperfect’ nature and opposing the stigmatization of vulnerability.

''I want to inspire people to embrace our human, messy selves, and celebrate human nature with all its beauty and ugliness.''

Malwina Chabocka’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows across the UK, Portugal, and Poland. The artist currently lives and works in the Hague, the Netherlands.