Lutfia Muntasser


Self-taught fiber artist Lutfia Muntasser started out by crocheting, quilting, and embroidering pillows and plaids. After years of learning and practicing these skills as a hobby, her path eventually led her to art. She took on the challenge of creating artworks by experimenting with fabrics and fibers such as cotton and wool. Today, the artist’s passion for colour and yarn has resulted in several collections of intricately embroidered artworks.

Muntasser’s creative process is highly intuitive - no drawings or sampling are involved. The artwork is entirely guided by the process of creation which means that each resultant work is unique.

"Through my art, I discovered very important things about myself. The first is that I have a lot of patience and the second is that repetition does not scare me. Actually, I love the rhythm of repetition but I can also suddenly change the pattern as I go. My use of vibrant color stems from the recollection of North African carpets that were part of the visual world that surrounded me when I grew up."

The artist currently lives and works in Switzerland.
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