Jessica Baron




Originally from Quebec in Canada, Jessica Baron is a graduate in Literature and Creative Writing, History of Art, and Textile design. This mix of creative studies as well as a passion for oil painting from the mere age of 14 has been the driving force behind her emerging artistic career. Today, her background has become an integral part of her work and is reflected in the intensity of its colours and textures.

Baron’s work is expressive and spontaneous, inspired by some fundamentals of impressionism such as open compositions and a gentle abstraction of the natural landscape. The passage of time, the light and its changing qualities, as well as dramatic weather shifts influence the tone of her work. She creates with spontaneous gestures, mainly using palette knife strokes that are not blended but applied side by side.

Her current work revolves around harmonising contrasting feelings and creating an overall visual effect of a dramatic atmosphere set in a serene landscape. The artist achieves this captivating effect by using high chroma contrasts in combination with carefully chosen softer tones.

Jessica Baron currently lives and works in the West of Ireland.