Jason Balducci

Italian, 1987


Italian-born artist Jason Balducci believes that the act of making a mark on canvas "opens the door of possibility to be moved profoundly and to move others”.

Active colours, uneven layers, fragmental bodies, sketchy lines, and an unconventional mixture of techniques and materials are his typical expressive means. He sees art as a way to experiment and explore the unknown, both the models' inner personality and his own state of mind. For him, art serves not only to depict reality but also subjectively rethink it, open a dialogue, express personal associations, and find new meanings. Balducci's vibrant compositions go beyond the surface of what is seen "to find the places that are not seen but felt” engaging the viewer in a deep dialogue between image and feelings.

Jason Balducci’s paintings have been exhibited and collected Internationally. The artist currently lives and works between Canada and Italy.

There are currently no artworks by Jason Balducci.