David Abecassis


David Abecassis completed his undergraduate studies in visual art at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. He then went on to study in Florence, Italy, before receiving his MFA at York University. His atmospheric paintings revolve around the social aspects of portraits and buildings, identity and memory.

"I’m interested in the representation of memories and how they contribute to one’s identity. But I’m not interested in my thoughts and memories alone. While I’m working through my own experience, I’m working through the collective memory and within this creative process, a juxtaposition happens; images are collapsed into one another in an attempt to create something that is relevant today. I work from life and photography. Daily observation and documentation turn into physical collages which change continually as the work evolves. I would like my stories to be a starting point from which we can look forward. This is where the private and public converge. I am hoping that the thoughts that my works evoke are able to repair something broken, to heal our world. I pose the question: are we the same or are different? Well yes.. while we may be different in our lived experience, we are somehow.. the same."

Abecassis has taught art and shown independently and with artist collectives. Past exhibitions include: Mercer Union Gallery in Toronto Canada, Field Projects Gallery in New York, the New York Armory, the Bronx River Art Center, Robert A M Stern Architects Gallery and The Painting Center in New York. The artist currently lives and works in New York.

There are currently no artworks by David Abecassis.