Daniel Freaker




Daniel Freaker received his MFA from the Slade School of Art in London, where he explored the painterly qualities of print, video, film and photography. His paintings are reminiscent of movie scenes and seem to be mere fragments of a broader narrative. Freaker’s work occupies a space between the abstract and the figurative in that the way in which the paint is applied is equally important as the subject of the image itself. Some details are clearly defined where others are more a suggestive gesture and therefore more evocative. This makes for a rich tapestry of interwoven processes which add a complex textural quality to the work. His multiplicity of techniques generates a certain sense of nostalgia and reminiscence about moments that are both beautiful and painful.

His subjects are often individuals, couples or groups of people, in order to provoke contemplation on the topics of relationships or isolation. The scenes depicted seem to remind us of personal experiences, while the techniques and radiant colours evoke a contemporary sentiment of longing for warmth. Distortions in the work seem to amplify the significance of the feelings evoked: connection, loss, vulnerability, or loneliness... This constant search for juxtaposition between vibrance and darkness, accident and intention, order and chaos, is what makes his work memorable.

Freaker’s work has evolved through artistic collaborations, working with charities, and exhibiting and lecturing throughout the U.K. as well as internationally, including at the British Museum in London, Dae Won University in Korea, and The Meera Gallery in Pune, India. The artist currently lives and works in Portsmouth, UK.

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