Christian Murzek

Austria, 1986

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With a background in graphic design and philosophy, Christian Murzek started
studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2021. His artistic practice focuses on the interface of digital and analogue processes. Codes and algorithms serve as the starting point of his work and are subsequently transformed into prints, paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

Reflecting on digital tools that are seamlessly integrated in today’s society: Algorithms, binary codes, AI, and big data, the artist aims to reconquer those processes that hardly anyone understands by appropriating them, transforming them into analogue artworks. His artistic research plays out at the interface of digital and analogue art, without specifically being one or the other. Computer-generated outputs are used as an instrument for the artist’s design vocabulary, resulting in a reciprocal interplay of input and output - digital and analogue.

Central to Murzek’s practice is the question in how far we already fully depend on the digital world and how we will deal with this in future. With his work, the artist aims to provide new opportunities for reflection on how to transfer analogue practices to a digital age.

The artist currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.