Angela Glajcar


In her sculptures, Angela Glajcar explores the experience of space. By delving into the mutability of the three-dimensional and its interaction with the space that surrounds it, she strives to direct the gaze to what is essential and to achieve clarity and calm in an over-saturated world.

Her minimal paper sculptures are ripped, layered and torn to establish a dialogue between space and material and to encourage the viewer to embrace the void that is revealed. Her works emanate a certain lightness and leave space for the audience to project their own thoughts and imagination.

>My objects embrace the void, it is an interplay of space, material and void. This creates lightness, and, of course, emptiness offers space. This is also an offer to the viewer, look and perceive the light, the space and the emptiness - and fill them with your thoughts.

Many of Glajcar's artworks take on the shape of big site-specific installations, where they come to define the space that surrounds them, while her stand-alone sculptures form unique objects that can be placed in any context.

There are currently no artworks by Angela Glajcar.