Our Concept: Welcome to the Future of Art

Return on Art is an online platform that aims to create a new medium of how art is discovered, experienced & collected online. We distinguish ourselves by our three core values.



We believe in creating highly curated online sales containing an exclusive selection of artworks that follow a similar motive or artistic movement. Those works will only be available for a limited time, after which a new collection will be made available. The selection process and curation of sales is done by our experienced Art Curators. Through our new online selling concept, we hope to ease the searching process and make it easier for buyers to find something they love. Return on Art provides value to its customers by making sure to pick out the most talented artists that will not only hold their market value but also potentially increase.



Our goal is to cultivate the idea of investing in living artists among the younger generation and to allow everyone to participate. We support and nurture emerging artists by providing an outlet to sell their work safely alongside likeminded individuals. Furthermore, we make sure our artists benefit from our personal network of Collectors, Galleries and Market Insiders. We are always open to collaborate with Galleries & Art Fairs to support out Artists.



Return on Art enables the online sale of valuable contemporary art safely, while ensuring Collectors do not lose out on the buying experience. Every artwork is original and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. With the first purchase, every new collector receives a pair of Art Handling Gloves and Return onArt pins.  At the end of each season customers receive a retrospective book including all artworks featured, behind the scenes images from the artist`s studio in addition to personal notes.


If you have any questions regarding the process do not hesitate to contact us.