Daniele Fortuna

Venus Colormination II, 2021

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Acrylic on Wood

27 × 43 cm

10.6 × 16.9 in


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180 cm


Growing up in Italy, Daniele Fortuna had always been fascinated by the figures of ancient mythology and the dream-worlds they represent. Today, he brings these childhood heroes to life and gives them a third dimension in the form of intricate wooden sculptures with a splash of contemporary colour.

The artist graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan, after which he spent a few years studying abroad in Ireland, only to move back and found his studio in Piacenza, where he has been working on his sculptures ever since.

These unique statues consist of individual pieces of wood that are cut by hand, assembled like a puzzle and hand painted, thus transforming the material beyond recognition. His sculptures establish a connection, a bridge over time, between elements of traditional Italian art and pop-art expression.

"I have always believed that it is important to recognize the "truth" in messages that come from the past and I want to reaffirm and update these messages through a new visual language."

Daniele Fortuna currently lives and works in Cornovecchio, Italy.
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