Lara Messina

Open Door, 2022

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Acrylic colors, oil colors, oil sticks/pastels, charcoal on canvas.

80 × 100 cm

31.5 × 39.4 in


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180 cm


Lara Messina is an abstract painter who graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan. A deliberate use of mixed media and varied composition in her work showcases the dual nature of her education - both artistic and technical, as well as her love for graphic design.

Messina’s journal-like approach carefully breaks down her personal experiences and reconfigures them into new, abstract shapes, bursting with colour. With her work, the artist aims to convey her personal perception of life’s events to the observer, turning introspection into reflection.

"My paintings are a translation on canvas of my thoughts and emotions: my strokes create recurring shapes that are deeply connected with my inner reality."

The artist mainly works on raw canvas, using a mix of acrylic and oil paint, markers and charcoal. She forgoes the sketching phase entirely, because what is truly important to her is to leave an authentic impression of what she is feeling in that exact moment. Generally colourful and playful, Messina’s paintings also contain darker aspects; they should be seen as an extension of her authentic self, as a complete human being.

The artist currently lives and works in Trieste, Italy.
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