Wilhelm Binder

Austrian, 1984



Wilhelm Binder studied cultural and social anthropology as well as fine arts in Vienna. During this time, the artist was involved in editorial offices, curatorial teams, exhibition and theater spaces, as well as a queer-feminist film series and various performance collectives. As a freelance artist, Binder is currently working on several projects at, among others, the Queer Museum Vienna, Context Cocktail, salon_tongue_, and Studio Nosh.

The artist's multi-faceted work reflects society from a queer perspective. Coming from a background in social sciences, his methods resemble scientific research enriched with poetic expression. Central topics of investigation are: power structures, emotional landscapes, human relations, body, normativity, solidarity, community, time & space, physical & psychological states, and mental health. Making use of various media such as performative interventions, sculpture, drawing, video, and text, the artist makes these subjects come to life.