Vera Vizzi

Italian , 1983



Vera Vizzi was born in Milan, where she did a master's degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano. After completing her studies, she spent just over ten years working in graphic design. Though pixels are infinite, they proved to be too square for the artist and she decided to escape the rigid rules of digital graphics and throw herself headlong into 'doing with her hands'.

''I create, with matter and color, works full of thought; utopian spaces where everything works great or doesn't work at all, microcosms where the only obligation is to be small, very small.''

The artist loves to explore all the facets of the human soul, through visual forms and metaphors. To do so, she recreates a portion of his world, so small that it can be explored completely from afar.

Vera Vizzi currently lives and works in Milan, Italy.