Stinkfish is a Colombian street artist who creates larger than life murals based on photographic imagery - portraits of strangers adorned with colourful psychedelic elements. By adding a this futuristic element to his work he has become one of Latin America’s most revered and recognized artists.

The artist was born in Mexico but grew up in Colombia. As a child, he began wondering around the streets of Bogotá, curious about his surroundings and the sheer variety of people. He was fascinated by these unique individuals, locations and images. In time, he became one the leading members of the Bogota street art movement, where he experimented with different techniques and styles on government protected walls.

Stinkfish primarily portrays captivating faces. The artist loves to carry a camera with him everywhere he goes, ready to take pictures of the fascinating people he encounter. From these photographs, he creates stencils for his wall art.

Stinkfish currently lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.