Sonja Gassner

Austrian, 1992



Sonja Gassner Studied Art Education at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Figurative Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Philosophy at the University of Vienna. 

Thematically, Gassner explores the world of dreams and the way bodies interact with each other. Questions of sexuality and gender identity also play an important role for the artist. Recognizing that her search for forms of expression is always already mediated by a pictorial language that is never just hers, Gassner often borrows from art history, sometimes also from film or photography, when it comes to composition or motifs

Working with signs and symbols that can be shifted, appropriated, woven into new contexts of meaning, and reinterpreted again and again, the perspectives she presents become fragmented as the spaces multiply.

Gasnner's work has been exhibited in Linz and Vienna. The artist currently lives and works in Vienna.