Rebecca Trajkovski


Rebecca Trajkovski is a self-taught artist who wears many hats: that of a lawyer, an artist, a wife, and a mother, which results in a body of work that encompasses a variety of styles, motifs, and mediums.

Her pieces are heavily influenced by her lived experiences and personality; Some are confined by sharp lines and intricate details that require a lot of discipline to execute, something that reflects her dedicated work ethic. Whilst other pieces are created spontaneously, without inhibitions. Trajkovski’s works are subject to a continuous evolution, as she enjoys finding new modes of expression.

The artist was the winner of the Georges River Local Artist Prize, runner up for the Aspire Gallery Foot Square Art Prize, and has been a finalist in the Blacktown City Art Prize, Waverley Art Prize and Bluethumb Art Prize.

Rebecca Trajkovski currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.