Vladyslav Prozorenko and Diana Tarhonii are both interior designers and contemporary artists. Together, they graduated from the Kiev University of Culture and Arts in 2018 with a specialization in environmental design.

Born in different parts of Ukraine, each began their creative journey from early childhood. During his teenage years, Vladislav preferred watercolours, portraits, and sketches, while at that same time, Diana immersed herself in capturing the Ukrainian landscapes with gouache and acrylics.

After meeting at university, Vladislav and Diana decided to merge their creative practices under the name Prozzorrr. Over the course of 6 years, they made many successful and less successful attempts to implement their varied creative ideas. As designers they always strive to create something modern and stylish, but most importantly: unique. This prompted Vladislav to come up with a new technique to create captivating compositions in wood. After completing the first piece it was clear that this was exactly what they had been searching for.

"During this time we realized that these paintings were not just our hobby, but a part of our soul. A part that we would like to share with others."

Over the past year, the artists have been perfecting the art of creating compositions out of different wooden particles and letters. All pieces are painted by hand, and each work has a different arrangement of letters as well as a secret cube that makes it unique.

Vladyslav Prozorenko and Diana Tarhonii live and work in Kiev, Ukraine.

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