Olga Bezverkhaya

Russian, 1988



Olga Bezverkhaya is a figurative painter who graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan. In her work, the artist focuses on everyday life in order to stop it for a second - to invite the viewer to contemplate and comprehend the present moment. This way, everyday life suddenly acquires a voice of its own as well as an air of mystery.

Bezverkhaya is looking to depict the relation between a particular moment in reality, in all its material fullness, and the feeling of spiritual interconnection between people and the world. One of her main interests is the relationship between humans and nature, where nature is seen as a conduit to a higher mind.

The artist's artistic process consists of layering acrylics applied with a brush as well as different oil pastel techniques. In doing so, she studies the transformation of material, focussing on a dialogue between the intentional and the unpredictable qualities of both material and process. She combines free flowing paint with more realistic and "controlled" images.

The artist currently lives and works in Milan, Italy.