Olayinka Salami

Nigerian, 1998



Olayinka Salami is a self-taught contemporary artist who hails from the South-west part of Nigeria, Ogun State.

Growing up, the artist observed the differences in human interaction and the way people deal with their environment. Today, his intention is to provide a critical mirror to these interactions. 

The artist explores various mediums such as Charcoal, Oil and Acrylic paints. The emotions his subjects display tell a story on how we are affected by our environment generally and the topic of mind control more specifically.

Olayinka continually draws inspiration from the great artists around him. His final goal being to represent a certain unity among the human race, he hopes that his narratives reach those people that need to feel it the most.

Olayinka's works has been exhibited around the world. The artist currently lives and works in lives in Lagos, Nigeria.