Niki Hare

British, 1971



Self-taught artist Niki Hare’s word paintings are first and foremost about giving shape to emotions that can be hard to express in daily life. The work is highly personal, and even when, at times, the words are buried underneath one another, the important thing, according to the artist, is that they have been said. Hare’s unique use of color, transparency and layering is emblematic of her ambition to create a new visual language. Her often vibrant works convey a sense of depth and movement, some words stand out, some fade to the back, creating a second narrative, that takes places in the interplay between the words, extending far beyond their individual meaning.

Hare’s work is not limited to the canvas; her projects include large-scale murals for Area Environments in Minneapolis, snowboard designs for Burton, a large-scale painting for the exterior of Hilton Bankside in London, and 55 commissioned paintings for The Mason, a new development project in Chicago.

The artist currently lives and works in Tewkesbury, UK.