Natasha Lelenco

Moldavian-Spanish, 1982

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Natasha Lelenco is a Moldovan artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Romanian University of Cluj Napoca. Today, she lives in Spain, where she used to work in photography, video, and illustration for theater companies, festivals, institutions, and individuals, before pursuing a career as a full-time artist.

Lelenco sees her work as both part of her personal biography as well as a narration on art history. She considers art a pre-verbal tool for communication that connects humans through time and over the course of generations. In her artistic practice, she combines traditional symbolism and techniques with a contemporary approach, using both common and unexpected media as her tools for communication.

Lelenco’s artworks have been seen at art fairs such as JustLX in Lisbon, HybridArtfair in Madrid, or ArtsLibris in Barcelona; international festivals such as Tijuana Triennial in Mexico, Nordart in Büdelsdorf, Germany, or HybridFestival in Madrid.

The artist current lives and works in Ourense, Spain.
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