Min Ray


Min Ray is an emerging visual artist who studied at Melbourne Polytechnic and the Northern College of Arts and Technology. During her time there, she received both an outstanding achievement award and an Excellence Award. 

With her signature painting style, hard-edge geometric abstraction, Ray tells visual stories expressed in bold colours, geometric shapes, architectural forms, and structured patterns. Her work is informed by the traditions of early to mid-20th century painting and styles such as Bauhaus, Colour Field, Op Art and Minimalism. Knowledge of these movements equipped her with an abstract lenses through which to view the world. 

Ray intends to portray both the interior and the exterior - subjective experiences and personal memories - by deeply engaging with the psychology of colour and the symbolism of geometric forms.

“I believe everyone has significant memories embedded within them. These memories might be associated with imagery, smell, taste, sound or touch. I believe these visual, aural and physiological sensations contribute to our identity and sense of self.” - Min Ray

The artist currently lives and works in Victoria, Australia.

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