Milena Paladino

Polish-Italian, 1985



After earning a degree in Art History from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Milena Paladino decided to follow her passion and move to Italy. An extensive search for the right medium to express her creativity eventually led her to the creation of textile works for which she uses a punch needle technique.

Specializing in still life, her work showcases delicate and simple compositional arrangements of forms and shapes. In a constant search for an essence and purity of form, the artist is guided by the aspiration for clarity, sense of proportion, and harmony. This results in works that are both minimal and sensual.

Working with the punch needle technique and natural fabrics like wool or alpaca, gives her body of work a strong visual impact as well as adding a sensory aspect. Its exceptional quality lies in that it is not only concerned with linear or color composition, but also presents a certain tactile quality. Her pieces thus allow the viewer to satisfy a visual need, but also the tactile need for close contact with a work of art.

"I want my art to be a manifestation of me as a human being. In my works, I try to show sublime tenderness and delicacy because I really believe that your art has to reflect your inner self. I would say that I am an artist of silence, small gestures and simplicity."

The artist currently lives and works in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
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