Miguel Ángel Fúnez


The seemingly playful work of Miguel Ángel Fúnez' is centered around a personal commentary in relation to the animal world. In a both ironic and serious tone, the artist formulates a critical message concerning humankind’s capacity for destruction when it comes to the Earth and the dominance we exercise on animals in particular.

My goal is to convey an ecological message, and to raise awareness on the subject of the creation of impossible new species.

In his ‘impossible’ paintings he makes use of popular imagery in order to articulate a critical message that forms the conceptual core of his work. He, for example, addresses the invasive presence of humans in nature, the cloning of species through biotechnology, our estrangement from all things natural through mass media, and the manipulation of images. With a mix between technology-driven and traditional processes, he aims to explore the field of tension inherent in his medium: the painting as an image.