Marija Zdravkovic

Serbian , 1980



Marija Zdravkovic holds a degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine arts of Belgrade, where she is currently pursuing her Phd. The artist’s main fascination and subject of artistic research are the structures of nature and the way they change over time.

She often ventures out into nature to watch and photograph the landscape, trees, plants, weather, and sky. Back in her studio, she tries to recreate these visits and the sentiments they evoked. Delving into the ‘intermediate space’ between memories and emotions, the images she saw and photographed and the feelings they aroused, the artist reconstructs the experience directly on the canvas.

Zdravkovic’s artistic practice spans a wide range of media and forms of artistic expression. Constantly searching for the best way to convey her ideas, she does not limit herself to one medium, style, or concept. Each work she creates draws on her personal past and the knowledge she has gained along the way, but also holds a vision of the future. Whatever form of expression she uses, her main subject is the concept of 'Time'. Some of her works are for example inspired by the life cycle of one single flower. Through the act of recording the transformation of natural forms, the artist captures changes that take place outside in the natural world as well as changes that happen inside herself during the process of creation.

Through keen observation the artist discovers a whole new world in the everyday. Her goal is to reach the core of an object and to understand its finest details: its structure, material, and texture. Each work she creates is unique and associated with the topography of where the artist is living at that moment. Her more recent works however, are bordering on the imaginary - showing fantastic gardens inspired by individual floral forms that are composed intuitively and freely.

Zdravkovic’s aim is to evoke a timeless dimension, an atmosphere of complete absence, peace, and reconnection with nature, in which the viewer can immerse themselves and forget about the material world, at least for a moment.

The artist currently lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.