Marcin Glod

Polish, 1994


Marcin Glod initially pursued a successful career as a graphic designer and creative director. His current artistic work presents an intersection of street art, graffiti and painting. It is the field of tension that this combination creates that is his source of inspiration and allows him to create a wide range of works.

With his work, GLOD reflects and integrates aspects of various art movements in a new body of work. In doing so, he focuses on sustainability and the reuse of vintage elements. Pop cultural references are an important tool for him to address social developments, current events, and to draw historical parallels. After his solo exhibition in September 2019 in Vienna, GLOD has exhibited in cities such as Innsbruck, Munich, Hamburg, London, Basel, Amsterdam, Krakow, Warsaw, New York and Dubai. Over the past few years, GLOD has cooperated with numerous international brands such as Casinos Austria, Rauch, Red Bull, Solebox and 25hours Hotels.

The artist currently lives and works in Vienna.