Mani Froh

Austrian, 1986

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Mani Froh, a neurodivergent and agender artist from Vienna, approaches their work with a unique perspective gained from a lifetime of feeling like an outsider. Their journey to find a safe place and understand societal structures led them to study biology and explore various spheres including academia, politics, activism, and art.

Art became Mani's refuge, offering a means to navigate power structures and create a kinder world. They deeply care about people and the world, channeling their passion for art since their teenage years and applying their knowledge with kindness and grace.

In their art, Mani delves beneath societal constructs and explores human connections. Their recent work emerges from personal struggle, seeking beauty as a relief and refuge from power dynamics, normative structures, and judgement. Their art is a place where they feel validated and it is their hope to extend that validation to others.