Larissa Kopp & Florian Aschka

German, 1985, 1984

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Artists Florian Aschka and Larissa Kopp have been working as a duo since 2006. In their joint work, they focus on photographic staging, performance, and queer strategies. In terms of content as well as form, they are interested in breaking down attributions and role models, but also in dealing with mythology, traditional visual narratives, and collective cultural memory.

Aschka and Kopp challenge traditional mechanisms of perception by breaking them down and questioning them. The term "Queer" stands in their work for a traversing of the spectrum between socially accepted high culture, good taste, subculture, kitsch, and trash.

Collaboration for them, means turning against the, primarily male connotated, cliché of the brilliant individual artist. Instead, mutual support, especially within their artistic practice, is essential. They see networks of solidarity as a counter-model to neoliberal structures in which challenges and problems are shifted onto the individual.

The duo's work has been part of numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad, including MUSA Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Worpswede Museums, Kunsthaus Graz, MOCAK Krakow and more. The artists currently live and work in Vienna.