Kim Peters

Canadian, 1976

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Kim Peters had always been looking for her creative purpose, until one day, eleven years ago, she picked up a paintbrush and knew that the search was over.

Her technique combines a love of painting in oils and classic themes with modern re-contextualization. Using more unconventional methods, the artist does not aim to idealize beauty but to represent it from the soul, by visualizing inner life. Through a connection between emotion and form the viewer is invited to look closer, to decipher the underlying message, but also to look deeper within themselves. Peters’ work poses a challenge: to contemplate the story of humanity’s longing for hope.

Peter’s art can be found all over the world in private collections, and has been exhibited in numerous countries, including the Museo Europeo del Arte Moderno (MEAM) in Barcelona.

The artist currently lives and works in Spain.

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