Julia Fuchs

German, 1978



Julia Fuchs studied cultural sciences and philosophy in Vienna and Berlin. She has a degree from the School for artistic photography by Friedl Kubelka and a Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where she studied under Ashley Scheirl.

Her main focus is on the suppression of the female body, representing the concealment of half of humanity, and a form of suppression that spans centuries. She questions why the gaze on male and female bodies in Western civilization is so different? Why we evaluate gender so differently? And where there is a space for the queer body, a body that does not fit into our rigid heteronormative system?

The artist investigates whether we are still able to apply the binary system of “male” and “female” today or whether it has it lost its validity? Her goal being not to change history but to question it and to identify the dark shadows that have influenced society from past to present.

Julia Fuchs currently lives and works in Vienna.