Jordanna Ber

Canadian, 1986

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Jordanna Ber is a Canadian-born artist, who lives and works in sunny Barcelona. Her bachelor’s degree in design brought her on a professional creative path, initially designing fashion and beauty spreads for magazines and working with international brands such as MTV, Roxy, and Clarins.

A wild child at heart, she left Toronto in 2016 to pursue an MBA in the UK. Today, she is currently building her art business from her dream studio space in an old stone masia at the Costa Brava.

At first glance, Ber’s coloured pencil works appear almost photographic. It’s only upon stepping closer, that one can discern the pencil strokes and layers upon layers of blending. Playing with scale and perspective on white backgrounds allows her eye-catching subjects to come to life, making it as if they were to jump from the paper to pull you in. Each original piece takes between 80-200 hours of work to complete.

Jordanna’s work can be found in galleries across Europe and North America, as well as in private collections in London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, New York and Toronto. 

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