Ivica Capan

Croatian, 1966



Ivica Capan examines the change in our perception of images in the context of the digital age. Whether it is motifs from classical mythology, iconic works of art, or characters from politics and pop culture, whether spread by the millions, copied and saved or hidden in the depths of museum depots, from the moment they are produced, images are subject to varying degrees of interest. The artist delves into the question which mechanisms and circumstances lead to such ups and downs on the barometer of attention and why do they succeed one another more and more rapidly? And how can long-time continuities of attention curves — both high and low — be explained?

Even if the artist doubts the traditional production of pictures and therefore continuously challenges it, he is nonetheless of the opinion that painting is the medium to address this visual saturation, with its rich tradition of knowledge and experience in creating new things again and again.

The artist currently lives and works in Vienna Austria.