Inese Verina - Lubina

Latvian, 1986

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Latvian artist Inese Verina-Lubina graduated from the Janis Rozentals Riga Art School after which she earned a Master’s degree from the Latvian Academy of Art.

The artist does not like to limit herself to one medium; during recent years she has investigated the corporeality of paint, sculpture and drawing. She has expanded her artistic practice by including rock pigments, carbon paper, sand, construction fillers, as well as experimenting with Japanese aquarelle and calligraphy tools in smaller scale watercolor paintings. The artist furthermore likes to make her own tools to create the subtle toned colour palette of her artworks.

Verina-Lubina's paintings are the result of daily studies, sketches, and experiments. Her current focus is to explore environments with low visibility and the way in which elements occur in the the dark, rain, mist and water.

Verina-Lubina has been part of numerous exhibitions in her home country and was nominated for the Art Academy of Latvia Award in 2016. Her artworks can be found in private collections across the globe. The artist currently lives and works in Salacgrivas novads, Latvia.