Indiana Phillips




Indiana Phillips identifies as a true abstract expressionist. In her work, she is inspired by unexpected colour interactions, and the way texture evolves under the influence of light and shadow.

The artist uses any tools or objects within arm's reach to obtain the desired textures. Working mainly with oil paint, but also ink, house paint, pastels, or even spray paint, her process is both intense and tedious, but above all spontaneous. Decisions on composition often take a certain fearlessness, to make sure the works never feel too forced or planned. Sometimes, this entails re-doing an almost complete artwork - an impulse that could spring from a sense of imbalance or a missing colour. When an artwork is truly done, it exposes the artist's true feelings in the process of creation. This way, Phillips aims to imbue her works with a sense of openness and sincerity. 

The artist currently works in her studio in California.